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      1. Linchuan Precision specializes in the production and development of SMT steel mesh
        Focus on improving the pass through rate for SMT Enterprises
        Lower production cost
        Focus on Improving Direct Pass Rate for SMT Enterprises
        Lower production cost
        Years of SMT steel mesh R & D and production experience in Linchuan To meet the different needs of customers
        According to the needs of customers, continuous improvement and innovation, only to bring better value to customers
        Strategic Cooperative Clients They ChooseLin Chuan precision
        Seven years of brand accumulation and gratitude
      2. You Lutong
      3. Ruifeng photoelectric
      4. HUAWEI
      5. Bitland
      6. Huaxing photoelectric
      7. Gather fly photoelectric
      8. CITIC China Group
      9. When selecting SMT steel network supplier Have you ever encountered the following confusion??
        Troubles keep worrying about where to find the right SMT supplier
        At first, a cheaper supplier was selected and SMT cooperated to produce PCBA.The adverse rate increased.Customer complaints continue。
        Every time precise IC, BGA and QFN are mounted, continuous welding and virtual welding occur, and many PCBA are welded.The boards are all repaired and the cost is obviously rising.Costs have risen markedly。
        When SMT steel mesh needs to be treated urgently, the after-sales service of the manufacturer can not keep up with the lead time of delivery.ProcrastinationLoss of many customers。
        In order to improve SMT's direct rate, it is unexpected to choose a manufacturer with a slightly higher quotation to cooperate.Direct rate is not directly proportional to price。
        These troublesome questionsLin Chuan precisionThere are never any products.
        ISO9000 certification
        Core technicians
        Imported special equipment
        On-line Polishing Technology
        Innovation ability
        Free service
        Cost performance
        Service Telephone:
        Many enterprises Unanimous praise
        Lin Chuan thanks customers for their trust and support, win-win cooperation and common development.
        Why Choose Linchuan Precision SMT Steel Net
        Focus on SMT printing to improve product through rate and reduce production costs
        Factory strength
        More than 10 years experience of core technicians
        Import special equipment to ensure product accuracy
        Has produced over 5000000 + qualified SMT steel nets for 3000 + customers
        Delivery time
        On-line electropolishing technology, the fastest production cycle of 1 hour per sheet
        Save at least 2 hours per sheet compared with traditional SMT steel mesh process
        An efficient transport team delivers a steel mesh on time
        Be even quality
        ISO Certification System
        Strong technical team
        Fully automatic testing equipment
        Each SMT steel mesh has six inspection procedures.
        Product innovation
        The efficiency of OLED panel packaging using SMT steel mesh is increased by 1000%.
        Save tens of millions of equipment investment
        After the use of steel mesh for heat dissipation of LED, the dead light of LED will be reduced by 30%, and the material for menstruation saving will be reduced by 10%.
        Service life increased from 3 to 5 years
        Good service
        Application Analysis of Free SMT Steel Network Evaluation
        Free Professional Opening Solution
        Free Optimized Opening Scheme to Avoid Risks for Customers

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        We are an optoelectronic product research and development company. Because we received a case at that time, we need to make 310,000 holes with a size of 0.05*0.065mm in a 65*115mm square. Our existing……
        Our company is a photovoltaic company with a large steel mesh. It has always been brought to China by sea from Germany. The Germans are rigorous in doing things and have a long delivery time. In addit……
        About Us


        Brief Description of the Characteristics of Stepped Steel Mesh
        The stepped steel mesh uses a precise thinning process to obtain a steel sheet material of various t……
        smt(pcb)鋼網的厚度對smt廠家來說非常得要,他不僅關系到smt直通率,還對將來產品投入市后的性能穩定性和耐用性有直接關系。下面林川精官精密主大家分享多年來積累的smt(pcb)鋼網厚度分類和厚度選擇技巧。   smt(pcb)鋼網有哪些,smt(pcb)鋼網厚度分類:   1,通常鋼網廠家一般常根據自己常使用的鋼片備有庫存。常用的厚度有:0.1mm、0.12mm、0.13mm、……
        smt鋼網是PCBA生產過程中重要的物料之一,它可幫助錫膏準確的漏印在PCB焊盤上。能否正確使用它將影響PCB焊盤上的錫膏量和形狀,以下是林川精密為大家總結的正確使用smt鋼網方法。   一、應保持smt鋼網的清潔   1、使用前應先清洗(抹拭)鋼網,以去除運輸過程攜帶的污物   2、鋼網用完后應及時清洗干凈,并回包裝箱,置于專用儲藏架上   3、鋼網應放置于專用的……
        經常有網友詢問我只有PCB板(線路板)能夠開一張鋼網嗎,在此林川精密統一回答“可以”   為什么有的廠家說不能開呢?   因為用PCB板開鋼網工序有點復雜,需要抄板,有些廠家設備不先進或工……
        Linchuan Precision specializes in the production and development of SMT steel mesh
        serving over 3,000 customers in 7 years
        producing over 200,000 high-quality steel meshes.
        Service hotline:0755-29749682/18928403435
        Shenzhen Linchuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
        Tel:0755-29749682  18928403435
        Customer service QQ:254259787     591431201
        Company Address: 2/F, Block C, Fengrun Building, Huafeng Second Industrial Park, Gushu, Xixiang, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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