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      1. Linchuan Precision specializes in the production and development of SMT steel mesh
        Focus on improving the pass through rate for SMT Enterprises
        Lower production cost
        Focus on Improving Direct Pass Rate for SMT Enterprises
        Lower production cost
        Your satisfaction is Linchuan's pursuit. Linchuan's existence is to create value for customers.
        Your present position:Home / Satisfaction

        Linchuan Precision has doubled the productivity of our company

        Source: Linchuan Precision  Article author:Linchuan Precision  Time:2019-09-26 15:22  Read: 2262

        Cooperation with Linchuan Precision is an occasional opportunity. At that time, there was a product customer requesting AI to do SMT patch first. SMT red glue was used by the dispenser. This material is more, and the dispensing time is too long. There is a problem with the dispensers such as the placement machine, and the production efficiency is extremely low. The introduction of an AI steel mesh by a friend can improve the efficiency of this process, but at that time, our SMT steel mesh supplier did not produce this steel mesh. Need to be outsourced processing, and the time takes two to three days, the time can not catch up with the customer's delivery, and later introduced by friends to Linchuan Precision to do this process of steel mesh for many years, delivery time can be controlled within 24 hours, out of Trust in our friends, we ordered a steel mesh. I didn't expect this steel mesh to be printed for two lines. With the addition of this steel mesh, we completed the customer's order one day in advance, the customer is very Satisfied, now more and more trust us, what new products are also the first time to hand over to us to complete. We also hand over the steel mesh to Linchuan Precision Manufacturing.

        1.jpg 2.jpg

        AI steel mesh detail picture

        AI steel mesh printing red glue effect picture
        Last article:The SMT steel network developed by Linchuan Precision saves at least 1 million yuan per year for our company, and the super large steel network in photovoltaic solar industry
        Next article:High quality technology and service make our production line pass through rate rapidly increase by 30%
        Hot products
        Linchuan Precision specializes in the production and development of SMT steel mesh
        serving over 3,000 customers in 7 years
        producing over 200,000 high-quality steel meshes.
        Service hotline:0755-29749682/18928403435
        Shenzhen Linchuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
        Tel:0755-29749682  18928403435
        Customer service QQ:254259787     591431201
        Company Address: 2/F, Block C, Fengrun Building, Huafeng Second Industrial Park, Gushu, Xixiang, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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